The year ahead is well under way…… long forgotten is the silly season and you have probably become so embroiled in making a living that there is no time, energy or cash left to have a life.
Your results are what is left over once you have allowed all the interference to distract you from reaching your true potential.

But it all starts with clarity of what you want to achieve.. 
As Keith Cunningham said in his book The Road Less Stupid, “Running enthusiastically in the wrong direction is stupid”                       
Test yourself … rate yourself out of 10 …… 

It all starts with a DREAM. How clear are you on this dream? have you got it represented in some visual format (vision statement, dream chart, life journey, I am statements …..) Is your dream shared with the people who will be part of the journey? Do you have a daily ritual where you spend a few minutes living into the dream, holding the feeling of living your dream?  To make our dreams more than a wish and a prayer we need to set GOALS. Goals need to be SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and have a Time by which it is to be achieved. Do you have a legacy goal? Are your goals broken into quarterly, monthly weekly goals? Presumably, if you have big enough dreams and goals you are going to need to LEARN some new skills, mindsets or behaviors to make sure you are successful. Do you share learning with your team?. What learning have you committed yourself to? Fourthly, Do you have a PLAN which breaks down what needs to be done and achieved to move you towards your goals. Is your team engaged with the plan? and lastly, you need to take ACTION. Do you know what you (and your team) need to achieve every week, everyday? Do you celebrate wins do you hold yourself and your team accountable? How often do you actually do what you intended to do?   What was your score out of 100 000 = Dream 10 x Goals 10 x Learn 10 x Plan 10 x Act 10?

In a world of distraction you need to set yourself up for success. Improving your score will fortify you against the distractions, it will make sure that your investment (read time, energy, money) starts to enjoy compound momentum towards your dreams.

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