Earn B-BBEE points while making a significant contribution to the South African economy

The EdPROGRAM is a dynamic and practical program which combines business education with coaching and mentoring principles. The program is designed to meet the unique needs of previously disadvantaged entrepreneur.-. Your investment in the program will earn you Enterprise and Supplier Development points towards your B-BBEE scorecard without adding to your work load.


The program is a real live business apprenticeship. Not only will the business owner gain skills, knowledge and grow as a person, but their business will enjoy better profits and become more sustainable.


  • Supplier and Enterprise Development spend which will count towards your B-BBEE points
  • Improved service and capacity from your SMME suppliers
  • No additional work required, we will make it happen. You will receive quarterly reports on the progress that the SMME have made.
  • Make a significant contribution to the South African economy. You will know that you are making a real difference, growing real businesses, which benefiting their owners and their communities

The full edPROGRAM is an 12-month program consisting of:

  • Group business coaching of between 8 and 10 Business Owners.
  • Accountability meetings to ensure implementation and to ensure that the program is being effective in building the SMME’s profitability and sustainability.
  • Quarterly workshops to further cement learning and to ensure implementation and execution within the SMME ‘s businesses.
  • Business education and practical strategies for all business disciplines including finance, sales and marketing, managing people and much more.
  • Training and development to ensure that Business Owners understand and approach life and their businesses with the same mindset shared by successful business owners.
  • Quarterly reports on the progress being made by the Business Owner and their business.

The program is divided into an entry level program and an advanced program, where the advanced program builds on the entry level program.

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